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Nits + support act

2018-12-23 20:00:00

Now in their fifth decade, the Nits have pretty much torn up the rulebook by releasing an album in ‘angst’ that ranks alongside the very best of their previous 18 full-length studio recordings. This will be no great surprise to long-term fans who have seen the band repeatedly reinvent themselves. Yet it’s hard to think of anyone else who made their first album in the mid-70s and isn’t by now either touring on the strength of their greatest hits or desperately trying to crank out new songs designed only to perpetuate the brand.

In their 40-odd years of existence, the Nits have carved themselves a substantial niche in the cultural life of the Netherlands, and won passionate admirers across Europe and beyond. Around the time of ‘In the Dutch Mountains’, it seemed as though international renown, if not stardom, could have been theirs for the taking. Yet in the grand scheme of things they remain one of rock's best-kept secrets. And you suspect they wouldn't have it any other way.

PAF : 20,40 €

Adresse : Rue de Tubize, 28 - 1460 Ittre